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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Glamour Shots

Constantly seeing photos in the paper or Foster & Smith's catalogs with pictures that aren't nearly as cute as our dog, I set out the other day to take some pictures that were worthy of entering into a photo contest. Still stinging from our 20th place finish in the Del Mar Kiwanis "Most Beautiful Dog" contest, I sought to rectify the wrongs that had been inflicted upon our family unit and bring us some manner of dog contest victory. I needed concrete evidence to show people how cute our dog is dammit, and I needed it now.

Taking pictures of a dog is easy enough, especially with a digital camera. Getting a good picture requires enough patience to snap hundreds of photos and a little luck that at least one of them will turn out decent. Shaak Ti tends to be on the squirmy wormy end of the spectrum of dogs. She'd rather aggressively try to clean the ear wax out of your ears with her tongue or chase sparrows around the yard than sit still for a photo opportunity, but we ended up getting a couple of good shots.

The end result of pictures turned out pretty damn good, they are the two photos in the entry. Yeah, our dog is pretty, that's about all I wanted to say. Sure most people will try to tell you that their dog is the prettiest, etc, but now I have the photo evidence to back it all up. Who's the good puppy????