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Thursday, August 30, 2018

The Process of Moving On

It's been a couple of weeks since we've posted anything. Many thanks to everyone who sent a card, an e-mail, called, or posted some kind words on social media. It was really tough for Alycia but she greatly appreciated all the contact from friends and family, near and far.  Thank you.

In all honesty, it's been hard to sit at the computer and type ideas that are both appropriate and coherent for our first post of the post-Tito era. I've typed and deleted several hundred words at this point. Nothing seems quite like the right thing to say.

Tito's absence loomed large (and it still does), but Shaak Ti and Shadowfax are both still here. They're here and they seem to be completely oblivious. I've been calling them the "Oblivious Twins" off and on since Tito left us. And they truly are seemingly oblivious to the fact that there's one less deaf dog in the house. Perhaps they're doing it on purpose.
Even though things change there are still dog walks to take, meals to prepare, and jobs to go to (for Alycia anyways). In the meantime, we'll post a cute picture of Shadowfax and see if this can help us get kick-started back into some regular blog posts.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Saying Goodbye

Tito the Wonder Puppy left us today. His angry little body just couldn't function any more after 18 years in our world.

We are incredibly sad, but also relieved. We're relived that Tito is no longer in pain. We're grateful that he's free from the fear and confusion that seemed to grip him when he couldn't figure out why he was unable to see as well or move like he used to. We're comforted that he's no longer constrained by the frustrations of a declining mind and an old and aching body. Tito can once again be the Tito of days gone by, young and spry and devious and teacherous. This is the Tito that will live forever in our hearts.
This was Tito and Alycia's bedtime routine for the last year or so. After all the pups had gone out for evening potty time, and eaten their evening cookie, she would give Tito one last chance to go out to do some business. Tito rarely went outside though. Mostly the two of them would just stand there together, looking out into the darkness. Moths would flutter by, the sounds of night would gently drift in, and the two of them would stand there, side by side, looking out into the darkness.

Tonight we will hug Shaak Ti and Shadowfax extra tight and tell them we love them. We'll make sure that they are given lots of love and attention and pets so that everyone can grieve in their own way. Godspeed Tito. May you find the solace and peace that eluded you in life. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Tito's Special Week

It's Tito's special week. We're giving him anything and everything we think he may want. Since we can't hook him up to a leash and journey anywhere and he won't let us touch him, our ability to spoil him consists entirely of food treats.

He isn't eating much, but we figure we'll give him every "bad" treat we can think of. He won't eat out of his bowl or even off a saucer, so we have to hand feed him in small chunks. His dinner a couple of  nights ago from a small plate (clockwise from the top): Smoked sardines in olive oil, roasted dark meat turkey, grocery store meatballs, bacon, spam in the middle.
Last night he had beef tenderloin, pan-seared in bacon grease and butter to medium rare. There is still another pound of bacon in the refrigerator. Tito's going to get the very best send off we can manage.

We'll be taking lots of pictures and videos this week. Along with various scars, we'll have those to remind us of him.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Shadowfax Sleeping

Here's a fairly un-compelling video for you, unless you like watching pitties sleeping with their tongue out and twitching.

More than anything our blog is a repository for all of our silly pictures, stories, and videos of our dogs' antics. And if some folks on the internet get some out of it too, than that's just a bonus.