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The Saga of Shaak Ti

After Alycia and I had been dating for a year or so, we decided that she would move into my small little 1950's era bungalow in San Diego.  We'd been discussing getting another dog (mostly because I couldn't stomach the thought of Tito being the only dog in the house) for a while and serendipitously stumbled onto Shaak Ti.
You can read more of the origin story of Shaak Ti in an old school post from years ago -  Woof Woof What? These were the first few photos that we saw of her from her super-awesome foster Mom Katie.
Shaak Ti was the perfect addition to the household - playful, spunky, tolerant of Tito, a little bit crazy, and very loving.  We learned that she had a penchant for self destructive behavior (see Every Rose has a Lot of Friggin' Thorns), destroyed her toys in horrific ways, occasionally became afflicted with the crazy crazy (see A Day at the Beach), and tried to attack a skunk. These minor quirks made her life with us all the more interesting, and we became a happy Family Unit of two people and two pooches.
Despite all her craziness, Shakk Ti is a great dog.  She let us take pretty pictures of her, won 13th place in a photo contest, happily wore her Comfy Cone when she was on the mend, has learned how to deal with the snow, survived Blizzard Alvin, and enjoyed Thanksgiving in Cavalier, North Dakota.

Shaak Ti is quite an impressive beast, pound for pound she's probably the most rugged dog of the bunch.  She very well might have some Jack Russel Terrier in her as she has a high level of energy.  She's taken quite a shining to her new little-big sister Shadowfax and they play together daily and every Spring they seem to have a daily contest of who can get muddier.

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