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Thursday, March 26, 2020

Exercising at Home During a Quarantine

Routines all across the country and the world have been changed as of late. Our local YMCA has closed indefinitely but has offered online classes for folks to exercise at home. While John has gotten his exercise through a number of outside projects at the homestead, Alycia has tried to participate in online yoga classes.
Alycia commented that this was a reminder of why she doesn't do yoga at home. Apparently it's difficult to get a relaxing stretch when you have doggy toes and a tail in your face.

And yes Alycia's shirt says "No Goats No Glory". Good luck finding a cooler goat related yoga shirt than that.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Greenhouse Seedlings Progressing

We're in the midst of strange times, bewildering and anxiety producing. In these unusual days we are glad that we still have the simple pleasures of preparing plants for Spring planting, nurturing little plants through their first few weeks, looking forward to sunnier days ahead.
This is the scene from the greenhouse a few days ago. Many seedlings have germinated and are getting established.
They're in their tender stage now. Keeping a safe temperature and proper watering is critical and we water a few times a day, mist frequently, and monitor vigilantly. It's good to have something to take our mind off all the events transpiring outside the greenhouse.

We hope you are all well, your family and friends safe and comfortable. And even though it may only be a few moments of distraction, we'll try to keep posting regularly.

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Spring Blooms - Crocus

It seems early, but our first blooms are popping up. It's great to see this splash of vibrant color after a long gray winter.
This Fall we planted some bulbs in a few spots around the front yard and are already being rewarded with colorful blooms. Yellow and purple crocus, the first daffodils aren't far behind.
There are a few spots throughout the neighborhood where daffodils are already popping up. Our dog walks through the neighborhood are colorful in Spring as we look at all the blooms.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Spring Forward Causes Pushback

Here at the homestead there has been some resistance to the time change. Springing forward isn't always well received.
Shaak Ti is none to happy about having to get up an hour earlier and has decided to spend the day hiding under the blanekts. Maybe now she can understand how us humans feel after a decade plus of her waking us up before dawn.
Shadowfax is more adaptable but equally unimpressed with losing an hour of sleep. Perhaps she understands instinctively that Spring means the re-emergence of powerful sunbeams. Probably not, but we do give her credit for enjoying a good sunbeam. 

Sunday, March 1, 2020

Seedlings Started in the Greenhouse

We started seedlings in our greenhouse mid-February, doing a few dozen of them every day.
The process has been to start them under the fluorescent lights with the blue heating mat warming them from below. Then as they germinate and establish their first true leaves, we'll move them to the South shelf which gets only natural sunlight and also has a blue warming mat underneath. Eventually when they get established enough, I'll move them to the upper shelf and remove the fluorescent lights.
We'll try to continue to post pictures as the seedling starting season continues. So far we've started veggies; tomatoes, celery, various melons, gourds, cucumbers and both annuals and perennials; several kinds of petunia, calibrachoa, celosia, coleus, salvia, various marigolds, and portulaca. Each shelf, two on the left (North side) and one on the right (South side) is about 11 feet long and I'm planning on filling them completely with happy little seedlings.

Seedling planting and germinating season moves quickly and we'll do our best to post updated pictures as our new plants emerge and start to grow. Have you started seeds this year?