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Monday, February 24, 2020

New Greenhouse Pictures

We're rapidly approaching Spring here at the homestead and seemingly getting busier by the minute. It has come to our attention that we haven't posted any pictures of the greenhouse - our huge garden project that we chronicled last year.
The greenhouse is in midst of its busy time of year. We spent last Fall and Winter getting a feel for the space and seeing how the temperature would change based on weather. In the picture above you can see the electrical plug (small white box on the middle left side) that runs to the outlet on the porch as well as the hose connection on the far left side of the greenhouse. This was one of the cool features of this design, it's "plug and play", one outside connection for power and water and the whole greenhouse is ready to go.

Even though the hose is attached to the greenhouse it's been too cold to leave it permanently connected. We attach the hose to the back porch connection, run water and then disconnect so the hose doesn't freeze solid.
There were a few things inside the greenhouse over the Winter. On the bottom left are three dianthus that were potted up when the greenhouse was installed. We didn't find a place to plant them before Winter, so they went into the greenhouse to serve as plant guinea pigs. In the middle are two longer white oval pots that were on the front porch last Summer. They have verbeena, calibrachoa, and petnuias. I brought them in to see if the would survive (they did) and how they would look the next Summer (to be determined).

We also set up some fluorescent strip lights to provide extra light during seed germination. Between the strip lights and seedling heating mats (the blue mat on the shelf under the seedlings) we're hoping for good germination and growth.
The greenhouse is a tight space, 8 foot by 12 foot, that doesn't lend itself to easy photographing, so this is the best we've got. This is one last picture from just outside the open greenhouse door.

We'll share some more photos of our seed starting setup in the future post!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Snow Day at the Homestead

We're having a snow day here at the homestead in Boise, Idaho. No it's not like the snow days in North Dakota where we'd get a foot or two of snow, sub zero temperatures and blizzard conditions. Here it's just a pleasant snowy day, a few inches of accumulation and some slushy footing for a little while.
The dogs aren't taking any chances though, and they're certainly not going to fret over trivial matters such as the amount of snow. They're just going to get all warm and snuggly under as many blankets as we can pile on top of them.
We'll rest up for now. There are some slushy and wet paws in our forecast this afternoon.