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Monday, February 13, 2017

Shadowfax and the Arrival of the Grandparents

Shadowfax might be a big tough pitbull, but she's really just a big softie.  She may look like a rough and tumble, muscle bound fearsome beastie, but she's really a 70 pound wiggling pile of love.

I'll set the scene for you.  Shadowfax is upstairs and has spotted the unmistakable red Pontiac Aztec of Alycia's parents pulling into the driveway.  You'll want to have the volume on for this video...
This is a standard scene every time that Grandma and Grandpa stop by for a visit.  Shadowfax turns into a whining, howling, tail-wagging mess until Grandma and Grandpa come inside and give her some love. For the record, Shadowfax never acts up this much when Alycia or I get home, this special performance is only for the Grandparents.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Giving Hearts Day

Today is Giving Hearts Day!  It is a statewide day of charitable donation to numerous charities and is a huge fundraising event for the Circle of Friends Humane Society.
We would love your support on this Giving Hearts Day.  You can follow the link below, click on it, scroll down, and search for "Circle of Friends Humane Society".

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Bowl Sunday Dog Pictures

Super Bowl Sunday is pretty quiet around here.  It's been a chilly winter weekend and we haven't been able to to spend much time outside.  Instead we've focused on indoor activities, where it's warm and dry and we don't need to wear our sweaters. 
Alycia and Shaak Ti spent a bunch of time doing some team computing.  Once it was time to grade student assignments though, Shaak Ti was conspicuously absent. 
We spent a lot of Sunday playing inside and wrestling with various dog toys.  Shaak Ti got in the Super Bowl spirit and chomped on her new football toy. 
Shadowfax had a festive weekend playing with her toys and balked when it was time to play outside. A fresh new blanket of snow is falling and Shadowfax displayed zero interest in going outside and getting her toes chilly.  As you can see her interest in the football game is minimal...