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Friday, April 23, 2010

More Breast Cancer Nonsense

In what has now become an annual tradition (here's last years crazy rant), I get to call out the dumbest "Pink Ribbon" campaign to help defeat breast cancer.  In case you haven't already seen the advertisement, click on the YouTube video below. 

Buckets For the Cure

I'm no doctor.  I don't know all the causes of breast cancer.  But if I was forced to categorize various items that I thought probably had strong correlations to causing breast cancer, eating a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken would be pretty high on the list.  I'm pretty sure most medical professionals would agree that obesity is one of the prime contributing factors to breast cancer, and last time I looked fried chicken certainly helped contribute to obesity. 

Yes the contribution of up to $1 million from KFC (part of the Yum brands corporation) is a nice gesture, and will help the fight against breast cancer.  But Yum brands had revenues of $10.8 billion dollars last year (see financial info here), so not only is $1million a pretty paltry amount, but the method in which they're giving the money ($.50) per bucket of chicken is the ultimate sleazy marketing campaign.  

And special congratulations to the Susan G Komen folks for completing the ultimate sell out and agreeing to have their name and pink ribbon logo on buckets of Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Congratulations to everyone involved for cheapening and commercializing the fight against breast cancer.

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Sara said...

I tooootally agree! I mean, if you're the marketing team at Susan G. Komen and the entire company's goal is to prevent breast cancer, shouldn't that be on your mind as you're approving ad campaigns??