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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Favorite Things to Read

I know everyone else is NOT like me (this is probably a good thing).  They don't have hours of free time most days to sit and peruse the wilds of the Internet, visiting various websites and reading miscellany to their hearts content.  But if you do happen to have some free time, or appreciate news and information, or simply enjoy reading well crafted magazine articles on the web, I'd like to heartily recommend the following two websites to visit.

Give Me Something To Read.  This site is without a doubt the single biggest time killer in my life, and can easily be pegged as the sole reason why on any given day I get nothing done.  Looking back, I wish Alycia had never introduced to me to the site.  My life (and her life) would be more productive and full of completed tasks, instead of chock full of useless information and a long mental to-do list.   

The site is simply a selection of the top articles from Instapaper each day.  I get the feed in my Google Reader which consists of 2-5 articles every weekday, sometimes there's more, and some days there is nothing.  It has articles from The New Yorker, The Guardian (UK), Harper's, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, GQ, The Washington Post, The New York Times, etc.  This last week alone had - "George Lucas Stole Chewbacca, but it's OK", "The Legacy of John Lennon", a new Malcolm Gladwell article, and a great analysis of the efficacy of the death penalty in America.

Another must read for me is Tuesday Morning Quarterback (aka TMQ).  This posts every Tuesday on ESPN.com during football season, roughly late August through January, and is written by Gregg Easterbrook.  If you're already familiar with the column, congratulations you're probably awesome.  If you haven't read it before and you're a football fan I can't encourage you any more to give it a read.  In addition to thorough NFL and college football analysis, Easterbrook is also humorous and informative on topics ranging from economics and politics to space exploration and physics.  It's good stuff. 

Now not only do you have a few things to read, but a deeper insight into how I waste my time every day. 

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