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Monday, February 14, 2011

Heat Wave

It got up to 47 degrees in Grand Forks yesterday (Sunday), not quite a record, but definitely much warmer than normal.  It turned much of the snow and ice to slush on the roads and sidewalks (trudging through slush always makes me crave a cherry Icee) and generally made a mid-April mess in mid-February.  The heat wave is expected to continue through Wednesday as we're projected to continue to get high temps in the 40's until a cool down back to normal on Thursday.

In contrast, my Dad in Southern California reported that over they weekend they had 80 degree temps, not out of the ordinary for Southern California in February.  I can recall more than one February or March weeklong heat wave that caused my apples, peaches, and blueberries to bloom prematurely and lead to problems down the road.  There's no chance of getting 80 degree temps here in North Dakota, and it's nice to not to have to worry about that. 

The dogs, especially the puppy, took the warmer weather opportunity to scamper around the back yard for extended periods of time.  There's a six foot wide circle of exposed grass in the yard that's one giant mud pit now, and puppy loves this new found nirvana.  We quickly switched to Springtime dog maintenance, which entails having multiple old towels in the back mud room and jumping up every time the dogs come in through the doggy door to intercept muddy paws/legs/tummies with a wipe down.


lifeshighway said...

I love puppy glee.

My mom taught her dog to lift his paws one by one at the back door so she can wipe his feet. Very funny to watch.

El Gaucho said...

That's awesome. My sister has a "paws up" command for her big dogs too and they lift each paw for cleaning before they get into the back of her SUV type vehicle. Her license plate is even "PAUZ UP". Pretty funny.