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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Spring Pictures

Sorry loyal blog readers.  Unfortunately I've had some actual work to do recently and this has seriously impeded my pro bono bogging activities.  Between work, the hustle of Spring gardening and planting, and pooch care, blogging has come in a distant fourth place on the priority list.  Here's a smattering of miscellaneous Spring pictures for y'all.
Our tulips are just finishing up blooming.  These are two really pretty varieties, yellow, and yellow with a striped red center.  The bunny banner was a Christmas gift from Alycia's Mom.  Just so everyone knows I'm not normally a purchaser of bunny banners, though as far as bunny banners go, this one ain't half bad.

My problem with bunny banners is that they're never an accurate depiction of bunnies.  Bunnies don't just stop in your garden and harmlessly sniff the tulips (as this banner depicts).  They maraud through the garden, wreaking havoc, chomping everything in sight and teasing my poor deaf dogs into a barking frenzy. 
Shaak Ti models next to the tulips in full bloom.
These are Cummins tulips (very close to Cummings).  They're really unique looking, purple with white frilly tips.  I've never seen tulips quite like these before, they're pretty cool.  These were purchased thanks to a generous housewarming gift from Alycia's friend Andy in San Diego.  Thanks Andy.


Sara said...

Oh WOW! Those last tulips are amazing! Whenever I see tulip bulbs, I think of Leesh :)

Karen said...

Yes, why is it that bunnies have to run amok in the garden? They are so darn cute, but have those nasty, pointy teeth with which they do so much damage. Love the fringe tulips, too.

El Gaucho said...

Thanks Sara, I'll tell Leesh.

We not only get bunnies here but occasionally the REAL rabbits, the full sized jackrabbits. My Dad was visiting last year and we saw one running (very quickly), and he could hardly believe the size of that bunny.