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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Return Home

Don't worry loyal readers, I'm still here.  I got sidelined with a trip to San Diego for a whole lot of work and didn't have much time to post during the last few weeks.  I've come home to a tired puppy (she spent a lot of time at Puppy Camp - though she doesn't appear to have any new knot tying or kite making skills that we're aware of), summertime-in-North-Dakota weather in the mid-80's, and a garden desperately in need of tending. 

I'll charge up the digital camera and keep it in my pocket to record all the happenings around the garden as I do some watering, weeding, and various other tasks over the next couple of days.  It might not be the most restful Fourth of July weekend, but there is much to be done. 

You can look forward to updates about the vegetable garden, (especially the tomato cages), the proliferation of potatoes and pickles (they're cucumbers now, but they'll be pickles soon enough), and the crazy number of baby Grackles I've had to rescue so far this Spring and Summer. 

1 comment:

Karen said...

Welcome back! I bet the garden was a surprise after being gone for awhile. This time of year things change so fast, it's almost overwhelming.

It's a good thing your dog didn't learn anything naughty at Puppy Camp, like how to smoke and gamble, lol.