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Friday, February 24, 2012

Snow Pictures and A Cold Puppy

We got a bunch of snow on Monday night and Tuesday morning, not a significant snowfall by any means (only about 4 inches), but it was still the largest snowfall so far this winter.  And I actually remembered my camera so I snapped some pictures as I was out shoveling.
The snow was wet and heavy and clung to even the thinnest branches, turning every tree and bare shrub into a giant frosted mini-wheat.  It was quite lovely.
There's actually a small evergreen shrub under there.  We have more snow on the docket for Saturday night through Sunday evening, details are still uncertain, but it could be a decent storm.  And apparently now the door is open for winter, since there's also a good chance of significant snow early next week. 
After clearing the driveway, sidewalks, and front porch I cleared the "doggy business area" in the backyard.  I probably clear about 500 square feet for the pooches so that they don't have to get their feet cold and wet and have a multitude of location options to perform their outdoor functions.  This is mostly for Shaak Ti and Tito, the Puppy actually prefers to perform all manner of business on as large of a snow pile as she can. Seriously, I've seen on top of a four foot high snow drift happily taking a potty break. 

The other dogs are smart enough to stay inside when there's that much snow on the ground, but not Shadowfax, she thinks that shoveling snow is the single greatest game in the world, running around barking and chomping at the shovel and generally being a huge goof.  I admittedly don't help matters by dumping shovel-fulls of snow on her, which just drives her into a more frenzied barking and racing around fest. 
Since she has so little fur though (and apparently doesn't have a strong enough self preservation instinct to go inside when she's so cold and wet that she's shivering) she can't stay out for very long and play in the snow.  After 20 to 30 minutes, I have to stop shoveling and physically haul her inside for a warm up since she won't go on her own accord.  What a goober. 

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