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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Deaf Dog Antics

It's been a several weeks since we posted pictures (and video!!) of any doggy antics, this should make up for that shortcoming.

Tito may be old, going on 12 years old, and half the size of the puppy, but he can still bring it.  Every week or so Tito brings his special brand of tug-of-war thuggery against the puppy for a precious few minutes.  I captured the second round, only a few seconds worth of them playing.  The previous round went about 30 seconds and was over before I could capture it on video, but I did grab this final tussle.  It's brief, but pretty impressive for an old man. 
After a rousing game of tug-of-war the puppy sat down and enjoyed the deliciousness of a stuffed toy.  If she could just sit down and destroy the toy, we wouldn't mind, but instead of simply destroying the stuffed toy, she has to eat it as well.  All of it.  She eats the entire toy, from fuzzy innards to squeaker device to plush exterior.  As such we need to maintain a watchful eye on her and actively supervise her when we allow her to play with any toy that's remotely edible.  The end result is this scene is oft repeated.
Alycia is a pretty brave lady to just stick her hands right into the angry maw of a deaf pit bull.  The puppy is really good about this, she just lets you jam your hand in there and remove the fuzz/plastic/fabric/rope/whatever from her mouth.  Despite our vigilance plenty of fuzz gets through and we wind up with multi-colored rainbow poops out in the backyard. 

Shaak Ti sat by and leisurely chomped on her own toy.  This was a Christmas present (thanks Bill and Christine) that we saved for when the pups needed a new little treat or the bit of excitement that comes with playing with a new toy. 
 It was a new toy and she was pretty enthusiastic.

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Donna@GWGT said...

Funny when they play tug of war. Mine used to do that a lot. I do miss all the antics of having dogs. I think having a puppy keeps the older dog more active and therefore, having a more healthy life. I have an old cat, 19, and a younger model. The young one is a pest, but it does keep the older one more on her toes. She is not bored for sure.