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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Waiting for Bigfoot

Entertaining article from Outside magazine about spending the night in the Ohio wilderness hunting for Bigfoot.

Waiting for Bigfoot

Spoiler alert - they don't actually find Bigfoot.  The author comes to realize that camping out in the middle of nowhere with good friends is an enriching component of life, whether or not you find proof of a giant hairy hominid. 


Karen said...

So, THAT'S why my shrubbery has been vandalized at times?! I'm so excited, now I have an excuse to break out the trail cameras, don my camouflage duds and tin foil hat, grab a weapon and head out to scream in the woods. (And I thought being a geocacher was a little silly.)

I laughed out loud so many times reading this story that I startled the dogs. (Turned out to be a juvenile bear with mange, oh, my!)

El Gaucho said...

My first thought at that line was "Oh that poor bear. Junior High (or whatever the bear equivalent) is rough enough, but with mange, it must be pretty rough for that juvenile bear".

I appreciated the gist of the article which seems to be that even if you're wandering around in the bushes in the middle of the night you can still enjoy the company of like minded folks even if they may be a little zany) in the great outdoors.

Karen said...

Junior High for bears with mange, oh my, that is a distressing thought. Surely there's a cream or something for that disturbing condition.

Actually, I spend a lot of time outdoors at night in the woods, but have never seen a Yahoo. Well, I'll take that back, I've seen quite a few yahoos in my day, but not 3' or 10' tall ones. Maybe I have to brush up on my screaming, could be my alto voice is a tad too low to attract the furry fellers.

I like the idea of an association of people coming together for the common good. Remember the Sasquatch commercials from a few years back? Check out: Messin' With Sasquatch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyVsHNEBeBk