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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Stanley Cup in Grand Forks, North Dakota

We're having a slight departure from our normal postings of deaf dogs, canning, and gardening topics and pivot to some local news of interest.  The Stanley Cup wass in Grand Forks, North Dakota today - August, 12, 2014.  The team that wins the Stanley Cup is allowed to have it for 100 days and in 1994 the tradition was started to allow each player on the team to do (pretty much) whatever they want wherever they want with it.

Los Angeles Kings player Matt Greene attended the University of North Dakota and was bringing the cup to the Ralph Englestad Arena for ordinary everyday fans to view and take pictures of it.  I met Alycia for lunch nearby and we had full intended to go see the Stanley Cup (it was open for viewing between 12 and 3), but we were confronted by this scene:
This was a big ass line, you can't see the end of it.  And it didn't get any shorter.  By the time we got done with lunch around 1:15, the line was actually longer than when we started.  Alycia had to be back at school by 2:15, I hadn't brought any sunscreen, and I had a whole bunch of work to do back at home.  So we opted to skip it.  Instead we looked at pictures of the Stanley Cup and associated chaos thanks to The Ralph Englestad Arena
If the Stanley Cup isn't making a tour stop in your town, that's OK.  The Wikipedia entry for the Stanley Cup is a pretty interesting read, full of lots of fun facts and stories.  And there are obviously  Stanley Cup merchandise opportunities galore (it's kind of crazy). 

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