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Monday, April 27, 2015

The Happy Gnome Brewpub in St. Paul, Minnesota

During our recent long weekend in Minneapolis we stopped by the St. Paul area for dinner at The Happy Gnome. 
The Happy Gnome is a brewpub with an extensive tap list of microbrews and unusual beverages that are harder to find here in Grand Forks.  John had located this restaurant a few years back and owing to their nice beer list and extensive gnome theme, it was pretty much a given that we had to visit.  Not only was there great beer and a ton of garden gnomes, but at least one Sasquatch lurking as well.  Gnomes and Sasquatch?  It's like it was custom made just for John. 
Alycia wore her "Gnome Taxi" t-shirt.  Yes that's a gnome riding a dachshund on her t-shirt.
John wore his Duff Beer t-shirt, it seemed appropriate.  This is the charcuterie plate, an assortment of God's creatures, artfully smoked and pickled for his dining pleasure. 
We continued on to a local ice cream parlor that was visited by President Obama. 
This is John's patented "The President ate ice cream here, so it's totally worth it, but I'm glad I brought my Lactaid pills" look.  I've seen this look many times before. 
With the exception of a 2 hour talk at a conference, this was more of a long weekend, eating/drinking/hiking tour of the Twin Cities area. 

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Jason said...

Looks like a fun place! My younger son lives in St. Paul, I'll tell him about it.