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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Shadowfax In the Sun

You may not know, but pit bulls are solar powered.  They need to spend hours in the sunshine to recharge their batteries, and even then they have trouble mustering up enough energy to do much.
 Shadowfax does this most days, soaking up the sunlight as long as she can. 
You also might not know that pit bulls are also really, really lazy. Shadowfax in particular has two speeds - 5th gear and Park.  That's it.  She's either racing around and instigating shenanigans, or a huge lump of unmovable deaf dog. 
Shadowfax has a pretty rough life here. 


Karen said...

John, I think Shadowfax has the right idea, recharge in the sunlight with a power nap. We can all learn so much from our dogs, can't we?

Our weather is much the same as yours, I was out working in the garden yesterday in my shirtsleeves (well, pants were also part of my apparel, can't scare the neighbors). It has been much drier here than normal too, the ol' Quarry pond is receding again. Having a fall like this is rare.

El Gaucho said...

Karen - We've been so dry here as well. We finally got some rain yesterday which is very helpful. I think some Autumn rains help the plants survive the winter better, dry roots and dry soil seems to help the cold penetrate the ground more. No matter how you slice it, it's almost Halloween and I still have a ton of flowers left!