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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Thanksgiving - A dog, a Boy, and a Swan (no we didn't eat a swan)

For our Thanksgiving this year, we left the two little dogs at home for the day and only brought Shadowfax to my parents' house for dinner.  John just stayed for dinner and then hustled back with Shadowfax to spend Thanksgiving evening with Tito/Shaak Ti

Shadowfax made the most of her Grandpa and me time. 
She helped with cooking for a few minutes and was surprisingly good. 
Grandpa was very impressed. You can see the prototypical pittie tail blur.
The main reason that Tito and Shaak Ti were left at home was because we knew my friend Stacey, her husband Tony, and their son Jonathan were in town. Shaak Ti and Tito are not big fans of young kids so it's easier to just not tempt fate.  The guests showed up after we finished dinner and stayed well into the evening. 

After John left, I stayed up with my folks and we had a nice day trip with Stacy, Tony, and Jonathan.   We went to the Heritage Center and Jonathan enjoyed the holiday decorations. 
He helped redecorate the trees. 
And the tree decorated in the Netherlands theme was a big hit due to the flags that he pulled off. 
And finally he explored the bird room and met the tundra swan. 
They became good friends. 
And after this we headed out for a decent hike/walk in the arboretum, even though it was a balmy 20 degrees out. 

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