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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Seriously Sad Sack of a Deaf Dog

The blog has been a bit Shadowfax-centric lately, but that's mostly because she's the one most frequently engaged in some manner of silly shenanigans, or getting herself into some pickle.  This is her most recent escapade. 
Shadowfax was tearing around the backyard and managed to rip up her dew claw.  The backyard is a bit of a mess, melted snow has pooled and refrozen and is slippery as heck.  How she managed to tear up a dew claw so badly is beyond me, but she did it. 
Shaak Ti is inspecting her temporarily broken little big sister.  Shadowfax hobbled around on three legs for the better part of two days until we removed her foot wrapping. 
Ah poor little pibble, milking this for all it's worth.  One little owwie and she plays it up as much as she can, trying to elicit as much sympathy as possible. 

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