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Monday, May 16, 2016

Pileated Woodpecker

This handsome/pretty pileated woodpecker showed up at our feeder this morning.
We saw pileated woodpeckers almost daily for a two month-long stretch last year and were really hoping that they would return to the homestead again this year.  We'd also heard them in the neighborhood on our morning dogs walks - their rapping on trees is very distinctive. 
The feeder that the woodpecker is snacking on has peanut butter suet balls.  We've experimented with numerous kinds of suet over the years and have settled on this kind, which they seem to really enjoy. 
After having a suet snack, the woodpecker foraged for some bugs on the ground and then flew off. 


Matt BK said...

Nice! I've only seen a pileated once or twice in the area.

El Gaucho said...

Thanks Matt! They are truly a captivating bird to watch. It took us several years of having bird feeders to finally lure one in, but it was worth the wait.