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Friday, June 3, 2016

Important Birthday

Many of our good readers have no idea that your fearless blogger just celebrated a milestone birthday. Yes, not only does John build hills in our backyard, he is now officially over the hill himself.
I tried (and subsequently failed) to keep a surprise party from John. He was not at all willing to play along with the charade and honestly seemed to enjoy making me clumsily spin an intricate web of lies. 
We had a lovely sushi dinner with people friends.
Which was followed by some yummy gluten free cupcakes. 
Sasquatch was there as well. 
In various forms. 
John received some fun presents, notably Sasquatch LEGO's...
and Simpsons LEGO characters. 
My parents just dropped off all of my LEGOs from childhood, so there were plenty for John to play with. I was keen on the castle sets when I was a kid...
John also received a couple nice weeding implements from my parents. Perhaps the present he was most excited about though was the one he bought himself: the Weed Dragon. 
Look it up if you can't figure out what it does, you will be impressed.  We will definitely post pictures (and maybe videos) when we fire up the Weed Dragon.
Not to worry, this will obviously be used responsibly since John is officially a grown up now. 

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