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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snowy Pictures

We got yet another substantial snow storm to start of the beginning of the week.  It's only just January and we're running out of some space in our favorite places to store the snow.
The official tally from this storm was just over 9 inches of snow in about 48 hours. The path from the door to the garage is a wall of ice and snow that is waist/chest high.  It's a lot like living on Hoth.  I fully expect to find a remains of rebel base somewhere in the backyard when the snow melts. 
Every year we toil to create a good space in the backyard for the dogs despite the snow.  They need both cleared space for "business" and sometimes some more fun or unusual features.  Last year I made a sweet terrain park for Shadowfax including a ramp so her fetching ball could get airborne, this year I went with the banked oval design.
With Tito's vision deteriorating we try to keep the paths in roughly the same area so he can find his way around outside.  We've seen Tito get turned around and flounder in snowbanks in the backyard, so we closely monitor when he goes outside to make sure he gets back in safely.

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