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Friday, October 27, 2017

Shaak Ti Post Anesthesia

Shaak Ti had her teeth cleaned this week. It's something that she hadn't had in several years, so it was overdue. The good news from the doggie dentist was her teeth looked pretty good and they didn't need to pull any of them. Teeth cleaning requires a general anesthesia for dogs and Shaak Ti has a history of post-anesthesia odd behavior. This time was no different. It's likely that the effects of the anesthesia made her feel strange and having her teeth cleaned probably felt a bit weird too.
This is how she looked for the rest of the afternoon and evening, tongue sticking out. This is just a still photo, so it doesn't capture the audio component, she was whining loudly and squeaking the entire evening. It became tiresome after a while. By the next morning though she was back to her old self with no ill effects.

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