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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Idaho Snow Snakes

Alycia spotted a snow snake yesterday, hanging from a power line. I scampered outside as fast as I could to try to snap a photo. It had snowed the night before. A few inches of the wet, heavy, sticky snow that collects on fence posts and tree branches. And power lines.
The sun appeared in the late morning and it warmed up throughout the day to the low 30's. An occasional light breeze stirred the trees which shed their accumulated snow in glorious little avalanches.
This snow snake only lasted a few more minutes after we took the picture, then it was gone. As we mentioned on Thanksgiving, there's a lot of cool things out there in the world to marvel at. Take a minute to be thankful, appreciate the little moments of brilliance the world creates for you...even if it's just a bit of snow starting melt off a power line.

Our Christmas Eve plans involve lounging around, wrapping some presents, and making some fudge as presents for our new neighbors. What better way to become part of the neighborhood than to deliver some packages of sure-fire, sugar-induced paroxysms of Holiday spirit!

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