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Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Brief Hailstorm and Apple Trees

We've had some unsettled weather the past week, with moisture coming up from the south and interacting with the early summer afternoon heat. The result has been some showers and great thunderstorms. Not as vigorous as those in North Dakota, but also more fun since they won't involve hiding out in the basement when the tornado siren goes off.

We really only got three or four thunderstorms over the course of the week, with a moderate amount of rain. But a storm on Wednesday involved some close claps of thunder, numerous lightening flashes, and 3-4 minutes of hail bookended with torrential rain.
Less than 5 minutes of hail still managed to leave small piles of hail on the ground. This is the north side of the house. These are Honeycrisp and Gala apple trees that I planted as bareroot trees back in April. They're settling in quite nicely.

I'm going to train them to grow mostly horizontally along the fence, a method known as "espalier". They won't produce as many apples as if they were left to grow unrestrained, but they should still provide enough for eating apples for the homestead for a month or so each. Provided we can keep the squirrels away from them.

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