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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Shadowfax the Majestic

Shadowfax the majestic and mighty pittie poses for the camera. We've learned to capture these moments quickly. Taking time to try for perfect picture composition is a recipe for a lost shot.
Wait!!! Is that a squirrel. Quicker than you can say "Squirrel!", the shot is lost as Shadowfax races off to investigate the alleged squirrel sighting.
Today is a tough day for her and Shaak Ti as our big garden project officially breaks ground (literally). They'll be stuck in the house for most of the day as workers and equipment work on the yard. More about our big garden project will be coming soon.


Karen said...

Squirrels don't stand a chance in your garden! Can't wait to see your big project. :-)

El Gaucho said...

Karen - It doesn't help that the squirrels don't exercise good judgement, the dogs dang near caught one yesterday. You'd think that the squirrels would stay in the trees when the dogs coming running, not scamper along the ground.

The first stages of the project are underway, we'll hopefully post a few shots of the mess pretty soon.