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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Shaak Ti Napping in the Mulch

We've had a lovely stretch of Summer like weather over the past week, upper 80's and even 90's. And Shaak Ti has taken full advantage of this by dusting off her mulch napping skills.
She's lost nothing over the winter, her mulch napping skills are in top form.And yes we have many dog beds outside (both in the sun and in the shade), some area rugs on the patio, and numerous less-mulchy places to nap. But Shaak Ti prefers a more natural napping spot.


Karen said...

Oh boy, I've been running around with my own 'not so secret' projects lately (the remodel...ugh) and was afraid I'd missed the big reveal! This is such a mystery, you are keeping us all on our toes here. I applaud Shaak Ti's good sense at taking advantage of any opportunity to relax. I bet the mulch was quite comfy. I loved seeing them lounge in front of the fire earlier this year, we could all take a lesson from our dogs.

That Japanese maple is gorgeous, I have no luck with them here in good ol' Z4 so I'll live vicariously watching your collection grow. The best we can manage are the Korean maples which are lovely too, but pale in comparison to the gorgeous Japanese varieties.

I'm trying to guess what your project will be; swimming pool? Fountain? Rock garden!! Ok, I'll be patient. :-)

El Gaucho said...

Karen - I've always been astounded at how much you get done and how busy you must be in the Spring and that's not when you're in the middle of a home remodel. I can only imagine! Our best wishes to you to help you through this stretch, construction projects are never easy to get through let alone a renovation on the scale that you have planned.

Very good guesses! But none of them are correct. I'm hoping that the final steps will be completed next week, I'm still waiting for the final date that it will be finished.

Karen said...

It's me again! My friend Ann thinks your project is going to be a sunken, Oriental garden with a Pagoda including an aquaponic system. Is she close? C'mon you can't keep us in suspense tooooo long!

As for me, I'm still stumped.

El Gaucho said...

Karen - Good guesses again, but still not right. I will say though that "pagoda" was sort of in the right ballpark.

Karen said...

A teahouse? I've always loved them! The depth of the excavation is throwing me off, though. You don't live in tornado alley, right? So it's not a catastrophe shelter. (Come to think of it, I could use one of those for all of our catastrophes.)

And, though I'm failing at guessing the answer, the One thing I know for certain-- it won't be like some 'other blogger' who started a ridiculous facsimile of a 'castle' and then let it turn into a twenty-year project with no end in sight. Aaaarghhhh.......

El Gaucho said...

Karen - Another good guess with teahouse. You're pretty dang close!

I can't believe what I'm hearing from your, disparaging Castle Aaaarrghhh?!?!? I love Castle Aaaarrrggghhh, I look forward to every blog entry from you to see if there's any update on your building project. I've been watching some gardening shows on Netflix and in England they call it a folly, old castle remains that are part of a garden, so I think you're firmly part of a hundreds year old gardening tradition!

Karen said...

Carl, who is of course, much more practical than I am, surmises your project is a heat-sink for a greenhouse?

And you know, I have over 500 people arriving here for a tour on June 15 and when they look at ol' Aaaargh and ask what it is, I will say, "Well, of course, it is merely a folly!" Thank you for the ready explanation that makes us look like we planned it that way. :-)

El Gaucho said...

Karen - Please give Carl my best and a hearty pat on the back, he's the big winner. I can't reveal anymore details yet but Carl has the below ground portion correct and you and Ann are close to the style of the above ground part.

And even better if you can provide your explanation in a British accent! It will be like a Monty Python skit. I can see all their puzzled looks now and the murmured questions to each other "Did she say it was a folly?" "What on earth is a folly?" "Oh, it's British, how refined. And you say the Queen has one in her garden? How splendid."

Karen said...

Oh, Carl will be so pleased (and smug, ha)! We can't wait to see the big reveal.

And good idea, we need to perfect our script for this tour to end all tours. "The third one burned down, fell over and then sank into a swamp...but behold! The Fourth One, currently under construction."

I shall have to supply our tour guides with appropriate costumes.

And coconuts.