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Friday, June 6, 2008

A Birthday Treasure Hunt

This week was Gluten Free Girlfriend's 30th Birthday!!! She took it very well and there was nary a "I'm getting old" outburst to be found in the run up to, or the day of the birthday. The family unit (the two dogs and myself) took it upon ourselves to brainstorm and purchase some gifts worthy of such a milestone birthday. A couple of neat t-shirts, one that publicly proclaimed her love for pancakes, and a DVD were well received, but it was the big gift that necessitated a treasure hunt that was the highlight of the day.

There were a handful of clues, and I busted out my lyrical stylings to create a short rhyming poem for each clue that was uniquely tailored to each member of the family unit. Each member of the family unit plus a special guest (Frederick the Garden Gnome) "contributed" a clue that lead to another clue, that lead to another clue and so on a so forth, until the prize was finally found, neatly hidden in out television stand. The treasure hunt went pretty quickly, as she was keen on several clues and only got slightly sidetracked a couple of times. The prize was a new iPod Touch and was immediately tinkered with even though delicious mud pie ice cream cake was brought out. The iPod will hopefully last many years and always remind the Gluten Free Girlfriend of her 30th birthday and the fun treasure hunt she had to undertake in order to find it.

I also took it upon myself to sit down with a colored pencil and help Shaak Ti and Tito each compose a nice note to the Gluten Free Girlfriend wishing her a happy birthday and continued good fortune and success in the coming year. Shaak Ti was more gracious in her writing and had fun with the process, while Tito could barely be convinced to sign the card and write "Happy Birthday". But well, that's Tito. And to answer your question, yes, yes I've become one of those people who writes notes to their significant other on behalf of their dogs. Sad, but true.

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