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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Election Day

Today was primary day in San Diego and like a good citizen I exercised my right to vote. Too many people in the world don't have the basic right to have their voice heard and their ballot counted to take for granted the right to vote. Anyone who complains about their elected officials, local laws, or anything that is influenced by politics should vote. My first question to someone in a conversation of that nature is "Did you vote?", and if the answer is anything but an unqualified "sure" or "of course" their right to complain is instantly lost. Like it or not, it the only political process we have, and if you don't participate you forfeit your right to bitch about the results.

So the gluten free girlfriend and I leashed up the dogs and hiked up to our polling place, which is a nice little church not more than half a mile away. The dogs were a big hit at the polling station as the poll workers seemed desperately bored and looking for any excuse to get up and chat, pet a pooch, or otherwise stretch their legs. The dogs even each got an "I voted" sticker to wear, so if anyone asks, yes they participated in the electoral process. Surprisingly I'd trust my dogs to vote in a wiser fashion than 85% of the average folks here in town.

It wasn't until a few minutes ago as I went online that I realized that this was indeed a general election and if no one candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, there's a run off election in November. Arrghhh!! I can't take another 5 months of incessant mailers and signs everywhere. The City Council seat in our district alone (District 7) was contested by two main candidates - Marty Emerald and April Boling, and caused literally four to five pieces of mail per day, every day for the last month. I can only imagine the number of trees that will need to be sacrificed in order to contiunue to pepper us with propaganda. Uggh.

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