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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Date Changes

It's difficult to try to arrange the timing of our move, especially in the midst of the most important season of all - SOX testing season!!! For those uninitiated, SOX Testing season is a lot like pheasant hunting season, just fewer feathers, and not as many dead delicious game birds. Since June through October is really when I do most of my consultingy type work, finding two to three weeks where I can be dedicated to packing, arranging, and subsequently unpacking all of our belongings 2,000 miles away has been a bit difficult.

Suffice to say that after a few weeks of meetings and scheduling we may be moving our moving date up a week or so. North Dakota here we come.

The other minor monkey wrench is that Alycia is still in her boot, recovering from her hairline fracture and torn ligaments. We all pray for her continued recovery in time for her to haul a bunch of heavy boxes around.

And even though I plan on being back in town for many weeks for the rest of summer and fall, it's probably the last chance for the John and Alycia tour to mosey through everyone's neck of the woods. It's hard trying to find time to cram in last minute visits to all of my family and Alycia's friends (please note that John doesn't have many friends and Alycia's family is chomping at the bit for her return to the homeland). We'll do the best that we can in attempting to see all the happy San Diegans in their sunny glory, one last time before we disappear to the wild.....

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