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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Travel Warning Article

I read an article in the Sunday paper a week or so ago about folks who post Twitter/Facebook updates or regularly blog who include travel updates and vacation pictures etc. A few people were interviewed who were burgled/robbed while they were on vacation, in a large part because their Facebook friend had a friend of a sketchy nature and ransacked their house, knowing they were away on vacation. The article, as journalism is wont to do, took the fearmingeriong approach and actually seemed to make me a bit wary.

Granted I'm sure that these were isolated events, but it got me to thinking how easily we throw out our personal information with nary a thought on who will do what with it. That being said, for some reason I'm a tad more hesitant to reveal personal info about our packing and moving plans for fear that someone will invade our house, and soon I'll have squatters in my empty San Diego abode. I'm really not that afraid though, mostly because I know how few people really read this.....so that being said.

We continue to make preparations for the trip, many boxes are piling up. I frequently check the weather in Grand Forks and was dismayed when last Friday a huge sumemr storm rolled through and thunderstrorms, tornados, and 3-4 inches of rain were dropped on Grand Forks overnight, man that would have been cool to see.

And though our route is still somewhat flexible, we anticipate going up the 15, turning right in Montana and then heading East towards our new home....more info to follow.

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