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Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little Grocery Shopping

So we're mostly unpacked (Alycia's stuff is unpacked at least, my stuff is still percolating in various boxes) and starting to get settled. With the help of Alycia's Mom, aka Momma Bear, the kitchen is all unpacked and totally usable. Being that food and gluten free living are crucial tenets to our lives, the next step logical step was to replenish the kitchen and pantry with necessary items.

Being that we're no longer in San Diego, finding the things that are "normal" to us and part of our daily diet are, to understate delicately, freakishly weird out here. Wanna get your ass kicked, or at least a lot of weird looks? Try asking a store clerk here where they keep the tofu. Thankfully though there is a natural food store - Amazing Grains with a good amount of gluten free and "unusual" items, like tofu, and organic stuff.

Just a few observations here about my new home town. In my trip to Hugo's supermarket, I noticed that there are a significant amount of larger girthed individuals here. There are also a large number of people who seem to amble about aimlessly with little discernible purpose, and in the close aisle confines of a grocery store, this has proven to be problematic/frustrating. Not sure if this is more prevalent here, or simply I encountered a busy shopping day, time will tell.

My other small bit of information to pass along - frozen Texas Toast is really big here. Not sure why. Two grocery stores that I visited had a proliferation of choices of frozen Texas Toast and numerous shoppers had the item in their cart. Hopefully I'll be able to unravel this mystery and report back to y'all in the future.....

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