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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Truck Day Today

Today is the day the semi is dropped off at the new house and we get to gingerly remove the bulkhead and see what state our items are in. Hopefully things are not too broken and a few plants have survived the trip. I'm not hopeful about the plants though, it was really hot inside the trailer when we were loading it and I can only imagine how hot it got once it was sealed up and motoring through the desert Southwest.

We'll get a jump start on the unloading process this afternoon by removing the bulkhead, the tiedowns, and anything sitting precariously on top (which is a lot). The rest of the moving party (aka Alycia's folks) are making the trek down from Cavalier tomorrow morning to help us unload. We'll bribe them with breakfast and lunch, but they're happy to help out regardless.

It's another lovely day here in Grand Forks, warm, but still pleasant, a nice breeze and a few puffy clouds moseying across the sky.

The city sprayed for mosquitoes last night. Around 8:30 a low flying plane made several passes and sprayed Lord knows what over everything. You're not supposed to go outside for a half hour after spraying and those who are "sensitive to chemicals" were warned to shut their windows. Isn't everyone sensitive to chemicals? I just know that I'm pretty sure I am.

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