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Monday, July 20, 2009

An Update - North Dakota style

Howdy all. Sorry for the long delay in posting. Sadly after the first day of the road trip, though I had Internet access, my desire/ability to sit and compose coherent English was lacking. So, to update you, the last three days of the drive went well.

Utah was quite pretty, especially North of Provo up to the I-80. Wyoming was full of rednecks and we had a slight incident with a dumb ass chick and her giant pit bull (that she couldn't control even though he was on a leash), who thought it was OK that the dog grabbed Shakk Ti as he lunged out of the bushes because "he don't like other dogs none that much". People like that are the reason pit bulls are so maligned.

The Dakotas were everything they had been sold as, desolate but beautiful. It was also the midst of little yellow butterfly season, and we must have smashed hundreds of them as we drove down the road. It made for some serious window squeegeeing at our rest breaks.

The moral of the story is that we made it to North Dakota safe and sound, people, dogs, and fish are safe and happy. Alycia's parents graciously met us here at the house, stocked out refrigerator and pantry with a ton of food, and brought us chairs, toilet paper, paper towels, etc. All the things that make life much more easier and enabled us to delay the necessary run to Target and the grocery store for a couple of days so we could rest up.

Today was the first day we had internet at the house, so I'll now have the means to throw out much more information down the road - stay tuned.

I also plan on doing at least a three part report series on Home of Economy, which I plan on investigating extensively. What is Home of Economy? Think hardware store, Amish Furniture outlet, flea market, barber shop, bait store and snack bar all rolled together under one giant roof. Lo it shall be awesome.....

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