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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Boxes Boxes Everywhere

Yay a packing update.......

The truck arrived promptly on Friday (I'll give a big plug to ABF U-Pack here, they know their shit and do it well) and even Alycia was impressed. Yup, it's a full sized semi trailer, and we're a packin' it. Again a plug for ABF U-Pack - the driver was able to skillfully manuever the trailer without killing or maiming the podocarpus tree along the street, left the end of the truck right at the start of the driveway (exactly where we wanted it), and took plenty of time to explain how everything worked. Sure he didn't have all his teeth, but he more than made up for it by being super nice and helpful.

This morning the nitty gritty work began, the hauling of boxes out to the truck. Naturally the weather has complied and God has rewarded all of my previous blasphemies with hot hot sunshine. It always make me reassess how much I REALLY want to keep something once I've hauled it around in the hot sun a few times. Am I really going to read this book again? How badly do I really need all these chonies? Do I really need all these cooking utinsils, can't I just stir with my hand?

We loaded up the truck for a couple of hours, arranged some of the items and boxes, and by 9:30ish, decided to call it a day, at least with the outside portion. I had already sweated through one outfit, so we are gonna concentrate up inside tasks, packing up the last remaining items, vacuuming, etc, until the cool of the evening returns.

The countdown for departure is now at three days and counting....break out the chippers North Dakota, we're coming!!!

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