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Monday, March 8, 2010

Gray Skies and Slushy Sidewalks

We're on our third or fourth consecutive gray, dreary day here in North Dakota.  It's not terrible by any means, and if nothing else the skies are a harbinger of change.  An indicator that maybe winter is on its way out and Spring can be ushered in.  March proverbially comes in like a lamb and leaves like a lion, and true to anecdotal form, many a snow storm or blizzard is remembered by locals occurring at the end of March around here. 

For the past week, daytime temps have been hovering at or just above the freezing point, meaning that there is a slow melting/slushification process going on.  The middle of the roads are pretty much clear of slush and ice, and the sidewalks are also starting to have ice-free patches on them, but it's still very wet with lots of puddles and standing water, and with rain or wet snow forecast for this week, it'll only stay damp. 

Dog walks have become messy, muddy affairs.  Shaak Ti's frenetic walking pace, exploratory temperament, and zest for life means a serious toweling off in the (appropriately named) mud room before she's let back in the house.  And the snow and ice that melts (or slushifies) during the day refreezes overnight making for slippery conditions in the morning.  The few small patches of still dormant grass are magical wonders for Shaak Ti and she spends plenty of time sniffing and exploring them as if to say "Ahhh, I remember what grass smells like and feels like to my puppy toes". 


Sara said...

Slushify is such a fabulous word!!! :)

Lindsay said...

The thought of slushy anything (preferably from the DQ) is making me a bit homesick! Although I think I'll pass on the yellow stuff from your back yard! ;-)