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Monday, March 1, 2010

Grand Forks Men's Show

There was a big event in Grand Forks on Saturday, the annual Grand Forks Men's Show.  Alycia didn't have much of an interest in going, so her Dad and his two buddies came down and the four of us tough hombres went to the show.  There were boats, guns, trailers, RV's. tractors, and many other interesting items. 
Alycia's Dad Tom takes aim at an inflated deer and an inflated turkey.  His weapon is a crossbow firing a nerf bolt tipped with a magnet.  He missed.  I did take a shot (picture not provided) but my shot glanced off the top of the turkey.  
World champion duck caller Buck Gardner discusses the nuances of duck calling.  I listened for about 15 minutes, and he had a LOT of different duck calls.
There were lots of tractors too.  If you don't know this brand of tractor, then....

Afterward we went out and had some lunch - ribs. 

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