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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flooding Concerns and Garden Dreams

The flooding conversation continues here in North Dakota.  Heavy winter snows and high moisture content in the ground prior to it freezing in the fall has made for a pessimistic flood forecast this Spring.

Don't worry, we're well protected by the dike, and unless it's a catastrophic 1,000 year flood, we should be fine, but other unincorporated areas of Grand Forks aren't protected by the dike and could be in trouble.  Also, areas of the state in Fargo-Moorhead and numerous small towns that have no protection could be in for a watery spring.  It all depends on how much additional precipitation we get and how quickly the snow melts.  If it suddenly shoots up to the 50's for several days, it could be bad news bears.

On a slightly different note, the North Dakota winter has awoken some dormant urges in me (don't worry, this'll be PG rated), namely golf and gardening.  Golf isn't much of an urge, it's more something I daydream about as I work on the computer.  But gardening, the smells, tastes and textures seem so very far away and I can't wait for warm weather.

The urge to get out in the greenery must be fairly well stamped on my brain because last night I had a dream about it.  Yay verily I was outside and admiring my tomatoes and eggplants (two things that are typically featured in any one of my vegetable gardens).  The glossy purple eggplant on the bush were beautiful, even if it was a dream, though I did notice that the tomato plants had a few tomato hornworms on them.  So naturally I proceeded to examine the entire tomato plant and pick the hornwoms off.  Is it weird that my garden dreams involve chores?  If I have a dream about pulling weeds I may need to seek professional help....


Ben said...

I put a live webcam of the Red River (in Fargo). Not very exciting right now, and hopefully it won't be, but check it out. www.fargoflooding.com

Anonymous said...

Hey brother-
Just saw the release declaring a disaster zone there. Keep some sandbags and a shovel on hand. Good luck!

El Gaucho said...

Don't worry little brother, the disaster area isn't necessarily for Grand Forks. We have extensive dikes and flood walls here, it's Fargo who didn't put in any flood protection after the big one in 1997 that has to worry. We should be fine.