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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Pack Of Puppies & The Pied Piper

Mama Bear (aka Alycia's Mom) sent over some photos from her digital camera that had been parked there for a while.  One of the pics was from Thanksgiving and is highly entertaining. 
The brown dog is Mozzie (Alycia's parents dogs) and the all black dog is Emma (their neighbors' dog that they puppysit for on occasion), the other two you probably recognize.   Everyone is at rapt attention, not because they are good dogs but because Alycia's Dad is about to hand out turkey chunks.  This scene was repeated half a dozen times throughout Thanksgiving as he regularly bestowed treats upon his furry companions.  

As you can imagine Tito LOVES visiting their house. He spends most of the time patrolling the kitchen for crumbs and spontaneously sitting in the hopes of getting a snack.  Shaak Ti has also grown quite fond of visiting since she gets treats there that she never gets at home, mostly various meat products. 

Please also note on the left side of the picture the number of pies on the counter.  You can count one, two, three, four pies.  There are actually another three or four pies that are not in the frame as well.  Yes, Thanksgiving is a multi-pie affair in Cavalier, North Dakota.


Sara said...

It's a multipie affair back home for me too! Ahhhhh..I miss that stuff.

The Royal Family said...

What cute little guys!!! Thanks for swinging by From Blah to ta-daa... I imagine your a previous blog follower of sara's she is amazing!

See you around,
The Buzz, Brandy