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Friday, February 12, 2010

More Snow on the Way

OK, so I sort of promised not to tell any more tales of snow and woe.  Though there's not really any woe connnected with the snow we get, I just like how that rhymed.  But snow is what's happening, so that's what you get. 

The forecast is for another 3-4 inches of snow overnight tonight and tomorrow, which isn't a whole lot and not a terribly big deal, but apparently it's been a heavier than normal snow year and the natives are starting to get restless and irritable about the amount of snow.  I'm enjoying wading in the warm pool of blissful ignorance since I don't know any better and have nothing else to compare it to. 

The other odd factor (or so I've heard) about this winter is there hasn't been a winter warm up, a stretch of a few days when the temps get into the 30's or 40's and some or most of snow has a chance to melt.  That hasn't really happened, and as such the piles of snow, along roads and driveways have just continued to grow and grow, making it even more difficult for subsequent removal efforts from aforementioned roads and driveways.  Again, this doesn't bother me much, mostly because I have no other benchmarks to compare it to, but other folks are getting downright fussy. 

Right now the snow starting to thicken a bit outside.  It's the big-flaked, soft and fluffy variety.  And there's virtually no wind so the flakes fall almost straight down, seeming to defy gravity with their graceful, unhurried descent.  It's hypnotic.  I spend a ton of time just staring out the window on days like today. 

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