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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wal Mart vs. Whole Foods

A very interesting article from the upcoming issue of The Atlantic.  A food writer explores Wal Marts' attempts to enter the local and organic food market over the last few years, with some surprising results.  The author also embarks on a unique experiment to allow food critics to have a blind taste test with similar products purchased from both Whole Foods and Wal Mart.  

Wal Mart may not be the savior of the same local economies that it previously helped destroy, but it is headed in an unexpected direction.  It does make you wonder though if the company is truly committed to local farmers or just after the higher profit margins common at high end grocers like Whole Foods.  

A quote from the article that I didn't think I'd ever hear - “It’s getting harder and harder to hate Walmart.”

Atlantic Article - The Great Grocery Smackdown

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