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Thursday, February 25, 2010

UMD vs UND Hockey

A quick catch up.  Last Friday Alycia and I tagged along with her folks to the UND Fighting Sioux hockey game.  I'd been to the home opener with my Dad and was a bit taken aback by the mellow nature of the fans.  The Ralph Englestad Arena (the REA) is an unbelievable facility, the finest arena I've ever watched a sporting event, and the food, facilites, and hockey were all outstanding, but I couldn't figure out why all the fans acted like they were watching a Senior PGA tour event.

Well, the game on Friday answered my questions.  You just need an intra-league game with a decently disliked rival (though not their top rival by any means) This is the hockey game I was long expecting to watch - eager and boisterous fans, muffled roars on every big check, and the audible gasp as a scoring opportunity materialized, then quickly passed.  Good fun indeed.

The Fighting Sioux have two games in Colorado Springs this weekend, then are back at home for another two games against league bottom feeder Michigan Tech, then league playoffs start, followed by the build up to the NCAA tournament.  Currently UND is ranked 8th in the Pairwise rankings (they emulate the NCAA selection formula), so they would make the field of 16 teams for the tournament.

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