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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Roger Ebert

Unless you're from the Chicago area, or a close follower of Roger Ebert, you may not know much about him since he disappeared from the famous Siskel and Ebert (later Ebert and Roper) movie review show.  Since 2003, Ebert had several bouts with cancer and eventually had his vocal chords, salivary glands, and eventually his entire lower jaw removed. 

Now unable to talk, he has returned to his first form of expression, writing.  His blog (located here) has a lot of movie reviews, but more than that are is musings on life, his current condition, and lots more.  His writing is touching, intelligent, insightful, and a little sad.  Not sad in the sense of mourning a loss, but the sweet sadness that comes from reliving a happy memory that has long past.

His story is chronicled in an Esquire magazine article that captures the spirit of a very interesting fellow.  Here's the story from Esquire magazine.

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