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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Gnew Gnome Home

After a long year or so hibernating in their moving boxes, the garden gnomes sent us a text message from their gnome phones to let us know they were fully acclimated to the new latitude (the defining factor for gnome living) of Grand Forks, North Dakota and ready to be unleashed unto the world.  So a few weeks ago we had a small, private afternoon ceremony and placed the gnomes in their new homes, among the blueberry and strawberry bushes in the backyard.

We've started getting the garden ready for winter by adding leaves and lawn clippings around many of the garden plantings.  The leaves insulate the delicate blueberries and strawberries, even though they're supposed to be able to to survive in our winter, we give them as much help as we can to get them through the winter. 
This is Fredrick the Garden Gnome in his new garden home, amongst the blueberry bushes and strawberry plants.  Notice his new, and super awesome, mushroom umbrella.
This is our new gnome addition, Alycia named him Furkel (the gnomes all have a name that starts with "F").  It's kind of hard to tell since his bottom is covered in leaves, but he's actually pooping.  Yes, that's right a pooping garden gnome.  It's a special kind of garden gnome called a Caganer and is a traditional Catalonia nativity decoration.  It is also rumored to be a good luck garden denizen - fertilizing the earth with his magical and mystical poopings.


Alycia Cummings said...

I feel I need to set the record straight. The top gnome with the mushroom is Fredrick, not Franklin. They were hidden away so long, John forgot who was who.

El Gaucho said...

Jeez, you college professor types know everything.

Lindsay said...

I'm just totally impressed Leesha managed to find a pooping gnome! I don't think I could convince folks around here that would be an accepable garden accent, but he's SO funny I might have to try!