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Friday, October 22, 2010

Job Of The Week

Since I don't really have a full time job, I spend a decent amount of time looking through the local online classified section to see what kind of employment opportunities there are for me in the area.  There are always some very interesting jobs being advertised, and as such, I'd like to start a regular series, hopefully weekly, that I'm gonna call the "Job Of The Week".  In it I will highlight the most unusual or interesting job that I can find in the classifieds on a given day.  I may also select the job for which I feel I am most completely unqualified. 

Please note that this is a real job copied verbatim from the Grand Forks Herald online job classified website.  I have highlighted the most relevant portion, and for the record the position is for "Part-Time Grain Tester".    
Part-time evening shift! Great opportunity to put some extra money in your pockets. Approximately 20-25 hours/week between 12pm and 8pm with few weekends. This is a long term, year round position paying $10/hr. Responsibilities include standing on top of rail cars and running probes deep into trains to do testing. Must be in excellent physical condition as the position will require heavy lifting. Must have a valid drivers license with a clean driving record. Great for students over 18 years old!!
How do the trains feel about all this?

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