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Monday, August 29, 2011

Stella the Stegosaurus

I usually make many promises here on the old Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes blog, but I feel I only occasionally follow through on them.  Promises of fabulous posts go unwritten and great ideas shrivel on the vine of John's brain. But in keeping with the previous promise to review many of my favorite items on the Amazon.com carousel feature (conveniently located on the left side of the blog), I present the Stella the giant purple Stegosaurus dinosaur review. 

Many of you probably can't imagine paying $31 for a dog toy, but a) this toy is huge - 19 x 6 x 15, b) it really is tough.  I've had a few of these allegedly "tough" toys before and been pretty disappointed, even going so far as writing an angry letter to the toy maker (to no avail).  Sure they last longer than other toys, but never long enough to warrant the price you pay.  This toy?  It's probably worth every penny, but since we got it as a Christmas gift from my sister, I can't really say it's worth every penny since we didn't pay for it.

This toy has withstood 8 months of daily use from the puppy.  And not just use, but at least an hour a day of destruction, thrashing, tug-of-war, chewing, and deliberate disemboweling attempts.  Stella the Stegosaurus has stood firm, despite losing a bit of purple fur on her undercarriage (there's still at least one more layer of fabric between Stella's innards and the puppy's gnashing teeth), she carries on. 


Sara said...

8 months?! That really is a long haul in the world of dog toys. Huh!

Karen said...

If Stella can stand up to your puppy, I have no doubt it's a great toy. I wonder what my aging Shih Tzu's (stop guffawing, kind sir!) would think of her? Ok, you're right, they'd probably be terrified since the toy is bigger than they are. And yes, the Shih Tzu IS a dog, not a barking cat. Just thought I'd clear that up.