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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Weekend In Portland

Alycia and I spent the past weekend in Portland, Oregon, attending the wedding of our good friends Emma and Geoff.  It's always a great joy for me to reconnect with good friends who I haven't seen in a while and whose only downfall is a lack of proximity to North Dakota (which includes just about everyone).  We spent a lot of time chatting, recounting past glories, retelling the same old but still very funny anecdotes, and reveling in each others company. 

The weather was unseasonably warm for September, with mid to upper 80's until the last day when it returned to more Portland-esque breezy and showery.  We had great food and fantastic beverages the whole trip.  I also got to play some basketball with old friends, with kudos to the groom Geoff who actually organized a game the morning of his wedding, that's some dedication to the game.   
Instead of a wedding cake, they had tiny pies from a local bakery.  They were delicious.  And no one seemed to notice or mind that I snuck one into Alycia's purse in case I needed a midnight snack (I did). 
Our friends Geoff and Emma, who were very dashing and very lovely (respectively).
Your intrepid blogger and his piece of gluten free arm candy. 


Sara said...

Cute photo of you two!

Karen said...

Sounds like a fantastic wedding. Great idea to have the pies instead of a cake, too. (They look much more portable and a whole lot less messy in Alycia's purse.) She may not have been too thrilled to find a hunk o' wedding cake squished in there.

Glad you had a great time. You already know what a 'great time' we're having here. (And yes, it would have been very funny, but darn it, I just can't wear Prison Orange very well. Makes me look sallow.)