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Monday, December 5, 2011

Negative Monday Morning

No we're not in a bad mood, but we are negative.  Negative in temperature.  The official temperature on our fancy digital thermometer (the Weather Direct Wireless Forecaster) was -0.4 degrees this morning, our first official negative temperature of the year.  And I will bet you every penny I have (Full Disclosure - I don't have many) that it won't be the last, or the lowest.  Any takers on that bet? 

The Weather Direct Wireless Forecaster was a birthday gift from Alycia last year and is pretty dang cool.  I love watching the weather, checking Doppler radar, and anticipating the forecast for the future, so a digital thermometer and weather forecaster was right up my alley.  We have the traditional round plastic thermometer hanging from a tree in the back yard, but it always seems to be off by about 10 degrees.  I think the tree trunk obscures air from getting to the sensor or something.  The fancy digital thermometer uses a sensor mounted on the North side of the house, just under the eaves, and seems to be pretty precise. 


Karen said...

Oh, no, not a Negative Monday! And I don't want to take you up on that bet either, because I know I'll lose.

I'll have to look into getting one of those fancy thermometers for Carl. He's always armchair-meterologisting it here, too. He loves to follow the weather and predict what's going to happen by watching the National Weather Service radar. (If I were a weatherpersonage, I would be worried...the Common Man with an internet connection has just about the same tools at his disposal for forecasting.)

I want to 'out' you (er, I mean, your blog)...tomorrow is Read 'Em All Tuesday over at Tootsie's...and with your permission, I would like to put out the word about your antics here. Say the word, and it shall be so.

P.S. The 'word' is Yes. I hope. No pressure or anything....

El Gaucho said...

Carl sounds like a weather watcher after my own heart. For some reason there's nothing better than watching that blob of green/blue (depending on the weather and temperature) creeping across that Doppler Radar map and trying to guess when exactly it will start raining or snowing.

Feel free to throw around my blog wherever it's welcome. I am honored that you would pass it along to others. Many thanks!!!

Karen said...

John, the deed is done, now all you have to do is wait for the bonanza of viewers to arrive from Tootsie's.

I know they will all enjoy your blog as much as I do.

El Gaucho said...

I wondered why my computer started shaking and smoking, it was all the folks you sent over. Many thanks!

And again, thank you so much for the kind words. It's such a compliment to have another writer/gardener think that your writing is entertaining and worthy of being viewed by others.

Sall's Country Life said...

Entertaining to say the least! I'm going over to check out that fancy thermometer next (I too have a husband that obsesses over the weather), the gnome post was informative and enlightening...but, you nailed me with the fluffy white BS!! Karen was right I'm glad I visited your blog (I needed a laugh)!
I'm your next follower (I'm sure there will be more)!!!!