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Thursday, December 1, 2011

When Bulls Poop

We recently added Bevo the Bull to our collection of dog toys.  As with any animal newcomer to the household, there's always the possibility of an accident or two.  Puppy was pretty good and has only had a handful of accidents in the year we've had her, and in her defense we were equally culpable in not knowing her routine and getting her some outside business time. 

Bevo the Bull was only here for a few days and he had an accident.  All over the floor.  It was a mess. 
Here's a closer view.  It was a pretty big mess, all over the carpet.  And please note that this wasn't staged for the camera, this was the scene exactly as it happened.  We strive for absolute truth in reporting here at Deaf Dogs and Benevolent Gnomes
OK, I realize that since it's not a live animal that he didn't actually poop in the floor, but it sure looks like he did.  The more disturbing aspect of this is it isn't the first time that a large stuffed animal has developed an immediate crotch hole.  Do the toys have a structural deficiency in the crotch area?  Or do our dogs just immediately attack the crotch?  The jury is still out. 


Karen said...

Having owned more than a few bulls (true story, I jest not) over my long and varied life, I can honestly say your bull was very neat and tidy in his soiling of your carpet.

Your dogs have the innate ability to strike the soft underbelly of their prey, it's an instinct they have passed down from generation to generation. Be proud of them, they are efficient hunter/gatherers.

That is the fluffiest, nicest BS I have ever seen!

El Gaucho said...

I always thought that's what real bull poop looked like. It comes as shock to me that it would be anything other than white fluffy fuzz. Interesting...