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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Deaf Dog Bed Repair

One of the dogs beds opened a seam in the last few weeks and had a 6 inch gaping hole on the top with stuffing/fuzz coming out.  It wouldn't have a been a big deal except for the fact that the puppy likes her fuzz like politicians like fuzzy math.  Yeah, that much.  So Alycia grabbed her sewing kit and, even though she's not the fastest seamstress in the world, doggedly (I went there with my awesome pun so deal with it) set out to repair the dog bed.  I figured that she'd work at the table or even on the couch, but she decided to sit down on the floor to work on the dog bed.

"Uhh you know what's going to happen if you do that, right?" I inquired. 
"What?  It's fine."
Sure enough about six seconds later, this happened.
And then this.
Which quickly led to this.
Luckily despite the fact that sewing needles were inches away from everyone faces, no pups were accidentally injured and the dog bed was repaired.  It must be nice to be so well loved that the second you sit on the ground multiple dogs are jockeying for position to snuggle with you.

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Karen said...

My dogs are the same way, especially about their beds. Every time I replace the covers after laundry they both stand and stare worriedly about what I'm doing. I imagine it's because they figure their beds were smelling just right and then I go and mess it up for them.

As soon as their beds are 'made' again, even before I'm done straightening out the covers, both dogs will hop right in as fast as possible and then gaze up at me solemnly as if to say they forgive me, but now, beat it, human.